hillsceneLIVE 2019
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The development program
hsL provided a wide range of support for artists including performance opportunities, incubators, professional development workshops, access to free rehearsal space, technical support, dramaturgical advice, connections to funding bodies, and marketing. These questions refer to the activities leading up to the festival
Did you participate in these aspects?
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Please provide feedback in regards to your answer to the question above
What was your greatest challenge through the process of creating your work?
What was your greatest surprise throughout the development program?
What unique opportunities has the hillsceneLIVE development program provided you as an artist and for your practise?
The Festival
HsL 2019 culminated with a 2 day live art festival at Karwarra Gardens. The following questions refer to this event
Did you attend both days of the festival?
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How do you feel about the site of the festival? Did the location provide you with the inspiration/facilities/access you required to make and present your work?
Did you participate in any of the workshops or conversations at the festival? Why? What was your experience?
Do you have any highlights from the event?
Would you change any aspect of the festival programming?
Did you engage with other artists and their work at the festival? If so how important was this for you?
What's next for you now you have achieved this?
The Future
Due to reduced funding and resources, we are changing the delivery of the hsL program in 2020, please provide your feedback as to where you would like to see hsL in the future
 In your opinion, what did you find most beneficial from the 2019 program?
In your opinion, what did you find the least useful from the 2019 program?
What should be the priority of the hsL program?
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Have you been involved in a production like this previously? How is it different to what you have experienced/how is it interesting/etc?
What would you like to see hsL achieve in the future?
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