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EMS is always looking to improve. Please assist in this effort by completing the following survey.
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What team was your child on this past year?
Compared to last year, how has the use of iPads as a classroom tool made school more interesting/engaging for your child?
Has having the device made your child more inclined to share their work at home?
We are in the midst of re-visiting our "open app" store concept. Please select the option that you feel is in your child's best interest.
Does your family have internet access at home?
*** In general, how do you feel about having the iPad come home?
We've heard from parents that they would like technology workshops next year. Below are several topics that we're considering. Please identify those that might interest you.
Identify up to three things related to the iPad that worked for your child this year.
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Identify up to three things related to the iPad that you would recommend we change.
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We'd like to provide technology device support to parents who desire it. What are up to 3 things that we could do to assist your family?
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We frequently have resources/tech tips to share with parents. How can we best do this?
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