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The Boulder Art Association is growing! We offer more events & shows then ever before. With our continuing growth, we appreciate all our members - especially our volunteers! Did you know that every single event, meeting and show starts as an idea in a volunteer's mind? All the planning, organizing, gathering of materials, announcements, setting up/taking down and more are all the work of volunteers. We are here for you. And today, we are asking for you to be here for us. Thank you for taking this survey and letting us know how not only your opinion, but also how you might help support the Boulder Art Association.
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The BAA: Run by Artists, For Artists
Our monthly meetings feature many hands-on presentations and learning opportunities. What are some art related topics, mediums, artists and/or styles you'd like to learn about?
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Please share any local artists you recommend for future member meetings, presentations, hands-on events... Include yourself if you have something you might enjoy sharing with other artists.
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The Education Chair, along with the Education Committee, finds presenters, arranges & organizes member meetings and such. We are currently welcoming more members to join the Ed Committee. Is this something you are interested in?
The BAA is currently planning 2 shows for 2020 (possibly 3). Show fees go towards advertising, cash prizes, hiring a judge, printed flyers, leasing the space and more. What is a fair price to charge members who also volunteer?
What is a fair price to charge members who cannot or prefer not to volunteer?
Each BAA show is organized by the Exhibition Chair along with the Exhibition Committee. We'd love to welcome you as a volunteer with the planning & preparations for our upcoming shows! Is this something you might enjoy doing?
The BAA website (WordPress) is kept updated by volunteers. The current volunteer started with zero experience and has been learning as she goes! Are you savvy with computers, websites - or wanting to learn more? We'd love your support!
The Marketing Chair leads the Marketing Committee with all things related to marketing - our internet presence, advertising (mostly with regards to shows), finding businesses to sponsor shows, and so on. We currently have an opening for this position - which is a Board position with voting rights. Is this something you are interested in taking on? (We LOVE our Chairs & support each other as much as possible!)
We also have openings for our Marketing Committee, which supports all the duties of the Marketing Chair (see above). Is this something you might be interested in joining?
The BAA currently has two venues. One is Cafe Aions, run by Rick Dallago (Thank you Rick!) and the other is FirstBank at Meadows, run by Nancy Kirkland (Thank you Nancy!). Do you know other businesses that might be interested in displaying our art? Please share any ideas below.
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Are you interested in running a BAA venue? This would mean contacting interested artists, creating a schedule (2 - 3 month rotations), being the point person with the business, and making sure artists hang & take down art on schedule.
The FirstBank venue has openings for artists to hang their work (3 month rotation) Would you like to be added to the schedule?
We have an opening for Secretary. This is a Board position, with voting rights. Are you interested in joining the BAA Board as Secretary?
We also have an opening for Fundraiser! Got some ideas for fundraising? Maybe a silent auction? Are you good at organizing and would like to take this on for one event (or more)?
Is there anything you want us to know? Please share any comments below.
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If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please note them below, along with contact information (email, phone number). Thanks so much for taking this survey!
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