Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, a healthy neighborhood?
This survey is brought to you by the NDG Community Council to investigate the quality of life of its' residents. The intention is to informally direct community activities, discussions and action at a local level to better serve the residents of the neighborhood.
Getting Involved
The NDG Community Council is working to improve residents' participation by offering fun accessible ways to have your voice heard. We've started the Get Involved series to expand areas of resident mobilization through Surveys, Lunch Clubs/Communi-Tea and Public Assemblies.

Community Surveys:
Are the first step toward finding actionable themes that we can work on together. There will be multiple surveys throughout the seasons narrowing down on different topics of discussion in order to find out what really matters to NDG residents. You can respond to multiple Surveys or None, but ultimately they will be compiled and popularity of subjects will be highlighted in our Public Assemblies.

Lunch Clubs/Communi-Tea:
Each event animates a short discussion around community issues and what we could do to improve our neighborhood.
The only difference between Lunch Club and Communi-Tea is the timing and the food served! Lunch Club is held during the work week at (you guessed it!) Lunch time and offers soup and crackers (free) , while Communi-Tea is held on the weekend in the afternoon and will be offering Tea and Coffee. To join Lunch Club or Communi-Tea please RSVP at 514-484-1471 or at

Public Assemblies:
A public forum where past participants are invited to discuss popular community themes in depth. These assemblies will be held approximately every 4 months as conclusion to surveys and Lunch clubs offered prior.
Community Inclusion
It's important to feel part of a community in order to feel healthy, happy and safe. We hope that everyone is well surrounded and feels connected to a larger group. To help build a sense of community and to make a stronger impact for the better, we invite you to leave your coordinates at the end of the survey so that we may reach out to you in the future.

If you do not live in NDG but you work here or spend a large portion of time in the neighborhood, we would love to hear from you as well. The more the merrier!
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