Practical 10 - GIS Implementation at Your School
Dear Geography Teachers,

For Practical 10, I would like you to respond to the questions below. There are no right or wrong answers. I would simply like you to share your implementation plans. You will earn 10 marks for completing the survey.

Thank you, Jeff
First Name *
Last Name *
What is the name of your school district? *
What is the name of your school? *
Approximately how many geography learners do you teach? *
Describe (6-8 lines, sentences) how you will implement what you have learned about GIS with your learners. *
Would you like me (Jeff) to visit your school and work with your learners on a GIS activity? *
The administration (Principal, HOD, etc) will support my plan to implement GIS at my school. *
How could the University of Johannesburg (or other organizations such as ESRI) help you teach GIS? *
Will you use our practicals to help your learners understand GIS? *
I have already used this practical with my learners.
Practical 1 - Exploring ArcGIS Online
Practical 2 - 5 Introductory ArcGIS Online Activities
Practical 3 - Paper GIS Activity
Practical 4 - Making Web Maps
Practical 5 - ArcGIS Online Tools
Practical 6 - GeoInquiries (Beagle, Oceans, etc.)
Practical 7 - Making Story Maps (teachers gives topic)
Practical 8 - Making Story Maps (learners choose topic)
Practical 9 - Making Web Map or Story Map (learners choose)
Approximately how many of your learners receive assistance? (for example, free uniforms, books, lunch, etc.) *
Which teaching resources do you have available at your school/classroom? (please tick all that apply) *
How would you describe the Internet access at your school? *
Please describe the amount and quality of professional support you receive from your school. *
Do you plan to purchase the ESRI FundaLula GIS materials? *
Do you plan to have your learners create ArcGIS Online Public accounts? *
Which grade levels do your teach? (please tick all that apply) *
My school is *
I am ______ about implementing GIS in my classroom. *
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