Tennessee REALTORS® Issues Mobilization Grant Application
Please fill out the following application to submit for an Issues Mobilization grant. Once the application is received, it will be vetted through the Governmental Affairs Committee and on to the Executive Committee to determine a decision. For questions about the Tennessee REALTORS® Issues Mobilization Program, please contact Jennifer Farrar, Govt. Affairs Director, jennifer.farrar@tnrealtors.com, 615-440-5057.
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Explanation of Issue
1.) What is the issue? Provide details about current and past government and/or private sector actions.
2.) What, specifically, is your end goal (e.g., enactment/defeat of a bill or ordinance; passage/failure of a ballot initiative)?
3.) Why is this issue important to Tennessee REALTORS® and the real estate industry?
Support and Opposition
4.) What is your association's position on this issue? Do you have an adopted policy?
5.) As a local association, does another local REALTOR® association also have jurisdiction in the same local government body (e.g., city or county), or does the area where this issue is occurring fall outside of your association's jurisdiction? If yes, explain.
6.) What involvement, if any, have your association and members had with this issue to date, and how do you intend to engage your members on this issue going forward?
7.) What other organizations or groups support your position on this issue and what are their roles (e.g., advocacy, financial support)? Have your formed a coalition?
8.) Has your association or your coalition formed a registered committee? if yes, provide committee name and registration information.
9.) What groups/coalitions oppose your position on this issue, and what have been their activities to date?
Campaign Plan
10.) Do you have any planned campaign activities (e.g., economic research, polling, direct mail, online advertising, etc.)? Provide details including budget amount for each activity and total campaign budget.
11.) What is the campaign timeline? Provide details including campaign start date, campaign end date, and state date(s) of campaign communications.
Campaign Funding
12.) As a local association, have you requested financial assistance from NAR? If yes, how much financial assistance is NAR contributing to this campaign? If no, explain why.
13.) How much funding, if any, are you expecting your coalition partners to contribute to this campaign? How much of this funding is on hand (i.e., in the bank), and how much has been committed/pledged? What is your plan, including timeline, for raising the remaining coalition partner funds?
Upload Documents or a Web Address
Note: Attach or provide link(s) any accompany Materials (campaign plans, newspaper articles, legislation, videos, etc.).
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