Quick-Start Survey for Research Mentees
Hi! Thank you for your interest in doing a research project with me (Zhijing Jin). Here are some notes before you apply:

1) Eligibility: You can apply if you are strongly passionate about doing an NLP research with me. Specifically, I look for
- (strong coding skills)
- OR (fair coding skills AND enough time devotion AND strong motivations to (do NLP research OR help social good))
- OR (strong math/stats background to do causal inference)
- AND usually (>6-month full-time commitment)

2) Expected outputs: (a) >=1 research papers, (b) hands-on experience with NLP research, (c) if needed, a recommendation letter from the professor.
You can consider this research collaboration to be an affiliation with my MPI, ETH or UMich labs. It is unpaid w.r.t. money, but fruitful w.r.t. research experience and fun :).

3) Decision criteria: Since a mentee can be a long-term friend, I will need to conduct an interview. A high-level goal will be to check whether this research collaboration can be a win-win for both of us, incl. suitability of skill sets, aligned motivations, whether your future career path is something I can help with, whether our personality fits, etc.

Usually the application will be checked in 1-2 days. If you don't received any reply in a week, then it might imply that we currently do not have suitable projects for you. In either way, thanks a lot for applying :)!

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Preferred name to be called (e.g., given name, or nick name) *
Google Drive account (if different from your email)
Link to your CV (e.g., Google Drive link) *
Link to your website (e.g., any one of the following: personal website, LinkedIn, Facebook) (if applicable; else put "N/A") *
Link to your transcript (for us to check your courses and knowledge background). Put "N/A" if not applicable. *
GitHub account name *
What is your aim for this research collaboration/internship? (Answer using bullet points.) And if applicable, mention your target grad schools to apply for MSc/PhD to. *
What are some (possible) long-term career goals for you? *
[Your Previous Papers & Coding Skills] Provide your GitHub link; and if applicable, list your past projects/papers, where each line includes (1) link to the paper (published and unpublished writeup), (2) conference and year (if applicable), and (3) part of the code that you programmed (with GitHub links, and notes about which parts you implemented) *
Expected start date of the research collaboration/internship *
Expected end date of the research collaboration/internship (Note to non-ETH students: Since research & friendship & trust take time, I strongly prioritize people with long time commitment such as 6 months ~ 2 years) *
How much time will you contribute every week? Support this number with evidence, e.g., your schedule during the semester break, or your class schedule during the semester and semester start and end time. *
Skill Set Grid: How comfortable/good you are with the following different subtasks of research: *
Very strong
Not very familiar but happy to learn
Low interest in this
Dataset collection (e.g., crawling social media data)
Domain knowledge (Some of my recent projects require extensive experience with Twitter and/or US/EU politics. How knowledgeable are you about US/EU politics or what goes trendy in Twitter in general?)
Data analysis
Theoretical deduction (e.g., for causal inference, linear algebra, learning theory)
Building BERT-based NLP models
Building other deep learning models, e.g., GNN, VAE, GAN
Tuning deep learning models to reach sota performance
Analysis of LM, error analysis of model, interpretability, etc.
Data annotation (e.g., annotating test sets of 500 samples)
Web development (incl., visualization, interactive website to make people use our model and collect feedbacks, nice PR of our research)
Research Skill 1: What deep learning codebase have you built?
For all the questions afterwards, they are optional, but they can show your research abilities. So the more details you answer, the better we can evaluate whether you are a suitable candidate.
(Put "N/A" if this question does not apply to you.) What deep learning models have you coded before (e.g., adaptations of BERT, Fairseq, etc)? If applicable, support your answer with your GitHub repos. (If you haven't hands-on experience with models yet, tell us some deep learning model codebases that you've read before and are familiar with.) *
(Put "N/A" if this question does not apply to you.) How experienced are you with tuning hyperparameters: Write about your hyperparameter tuning experiences. For seq-to-seq models, what hyperparameters do you look at? And the intuition behind. (If you haven't experience on this before, feel free to tell us some hyperparameters (e.g., learning rate) that you think are important based on your deep learning knowledge.) *
(Put "N/A" if this question does not apply to you.) How long do you configure the deep learning environment: Describe one of your past experience for the most complicated server that you’ve set up the deep learning environment on. What did you do, and how long does the entire configuration take? (Basically configuration here means everything before you can start to run the program.) *
Research Skill 2: Reading papers?
What NLP/general AI tasks do you usually read papers about, e.g., NER, QA, etc. (and how many papers for each task, as a rough estimation)? Put "N/A" if this question is not applicable. *
Have you done surveys/literature reviews? Or show some evidence on how fast you can read papers, and what kind of useful takeaways you usually obtain from papers. Put "N/A" if this question is not applicable. *
What deep learning knowledge are you familiar with? If applicable, share a link of your deep learning course materials/notes/etc. (Put "N/A" if this question does not apply to you.) *
Just curious, how did you know me and this form? *
(Optional) Any additional information that you want us to know.
Thank you for filling out this form! I usually check in 1-2 days. If you don't received any reply in a week, then it might imply that we currently do not have suitable projects for you. In either way, thanks a lot for applying :)!
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