Alonzo Tucker Memorial Survey
The City of Coos Bay, the Coos History Museum, the Oregon Remembrance Project, the Alonzo Tucker Project, and a constituency of Coos County community members have convened a task force to determine which form an Alonzo Tucker memorial should take. The determined course of action is to continue Coos Bay’s partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative from Montgomery, AL. Coos Bay has decided to place a historical marker to memorialize the history of lynching and memorialize the story of Alonzo Tucker.

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Example of a nationally recognized marker - Tuscaloosa County.
The Alonzo Tucker Task Force is committed to ensuring the voices of African Americans are included in this process and decision. Do you identify as African American? *
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The Alonzo Tucker Task Force has recommended that the Coos History Museum incorporate a memorial of the Alonzo Tucker lynching on their grounds in Coos Bay that would include a nationally recognized marker sponsored by the Equal Justice Initiative (Check Out: What is your opinion of this decision? *
Placing a memorial to honor the death of Alonzo Tucker, Oregon’s only recorded account of the lynching of an African American, makes me feel:
If a nationally recognized marker sponsored by the Equal Justice Initiative were established on the grounds of the Coos History Museum in Coos Bay, would you plan a visit to observe it? *
The Alonzo Tucker Task Force is considering establishing a scholarship through the Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation in memory of Alonzo Tucker. Criteria for the award and the amount of the scholarship have yet to be determined. We are gauging interests for this idea.
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What, if any, additional type(s) of memorial(s) would you be interested in seeing as it relates to Alonzo Tucker? *This question is aimed at gauging interest and will NOT necessarily be included in the memorial that will be placed at the Coos History Museum.
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