Whistles and whistle makers survey
Thank you for adding information to this survey. Please note that all form data are deemed to be in the public domain (as facts cannot be copyrighted). The results of this survey can be seen at http://bjohas.de/go/whistlelist.

You might want to consider submitting this form once per whistle range. In that case, when you submit your 2nd response, just enter the name of the maker (so we can group responses), and then enter only the fields that have changed. No need to type everything again.
About the maker
The company that makes the whistle *
Please select the company. If the company is not listed, please select "NOT ON THIS LIST", and answer the next question.
The company that makes the whistle (if not in above list, or if misspelled/incomplete)
If the company/individual wasn't on the above list, please enter it here. Also, if the full brand name differs from that on the list above, please select it in the list, but provide the correct version here,
Country where the maker is based
When did the maker start making musical instruments? (year)
When did the maker start making whistles? (year)
Enter the URL, starting http:// or https://
Audio/video on your website
Does your website contain audio/video of your whistles? If you also have audio/video on another site (e.g. YouTube), please add links under "Other". You can also leave links in one of the comments sections below.
Other contact option (if known, and if no website)
The person submitting this survey
If you are not the maker of the whistles, please add your name here.
Your email address (in case there are queries)
In case there are questions, if would be helpful if you could add your email address here. This information will not be shared.
About the whistle (or range)
Short description of this type of whistle
E.g. materials, and any other special features (e.g. curved airway). Note that the questions below some details, e.g. the head, bore, and musical keys, so they do not need to be mentioned here.
Materials used
Tick all that apply.
Is the whistle tuneable?
Clear selection
Bore of the whistle
Please state whether some of the whistles below have a conical bore or a tapered bore.
Clear selection
Interchangeable heads
Please state whether some of the whistles below have interchangeable heads, i.e. whether the mouth piece / first segment can be removed from one whistle and used on another. Answer "yes" is this is the case for ALL whistles above; answer "no" if this is not possible for any two whistles above; answer "some" if some of the whistle heads for the above whistles can be interchanged. (If you are answering "some", you might consider resubmitting the form for each family - Just fill in the name of the maker - and then enter the changed field. No need to type everything again.)
Clear selection
Keys in which the whistle is available *
Please tick every key that is available for this whistle. High D is the usual whistle. High F and G are rare, as a bass whistles below Low C.
Additional keys/pitches in which the whistle is available
If the key/pitch of the whistle is not in the list above, please provided it here.
Any other notes on this range of whistles detailed above?
Please add any notes you may wish to add. If there are variations available (e.g. optional mechanical keys offered by Susato), please mention them here.
Price of the whistles
Please indicate the price of the whistles, an approximate value will do!
E.g. GBP, USD, EUR, etc.
Lowest prince in this range
An approximate value will do! If the whistles are all similarly priced, just enter a value here, and leave the next question empty.
Highest price in this range
An approximate value will do!
Any notes on the prices
Please add any notes you may wish to add.
About this form or the survey
Any other comments
Please add any other comments you may have. If you offer whistles that don't fit this survey, you can also say so here.
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