HPSC CHS Event Proposal
HPSC representatives are expected to identify/host at least 1 event per semester at their college. Representatives can either create an event OR advertise an already created event they think would be relevant to all health professional students. The event must be open to all health professions students.

If financial assistance is required, please provide an itemized budget of what the costs will be. Representatives are expected to provide advertisement materials (e.g. e-mail, flyer) to the executive board to distribute. The event will also be put on the HPSC calendar.

When is the event? *
If the event has not been set up, what is the projected date?
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What is the name of the event? *
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Please briefly describe the event. *
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Why is the event relevant to the other health professions? *
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If funding is required, what is the contribution needed?
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