Sedgwick ESSER 3 Public Input
The CARES Act notes that allowable uses are “preventing, preparing for and responding to COVID-19.” The government goes into greater details, ESSER funds, along with ESSER II and ESSER III “uses include: hiring new staff and avoiding layoffs and developing strategies and implementing public health protocols including, etc.  

The intent of this form is to gather the Public's thoughts and suggestions on allocating funding.  

The statements below include keywords or topics used throughout the Sedgwick Strategic Plan.

The application has three areas of focus.  

Your response can be a long paragraph, bulleted points etc.  

This survey is not limited to one response.  After a submission, you can submit additional responses at a later date.

Thank you for your thoughts

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How do you think CSD 13 should allocate possible funding from the Federal CARES ACT?
What are your priorities for each of our schools? Money can be allocated to both internal and external teaching programs, facilities management, technology,  other
Placed Based Education initiative for developing a student centered culture to improve student achievement through community / school partnerships and professional development for staff.  
Enhance the academic, social and emotional development of students and staff by supporting upgrades to the technical resources and professional development.  
Ensure the physical environment indoor and outdoor is safe, energy efficient and conducive to quality learning during and after school hours by using researched based and universal designed practices that meet the focus of the strategic plan.
This form will remain open through the budgeting process for FY23 , which is the school year planning for  2022-2023.   You can submit multiple responses.
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