2018 California Conference on Apprenticeship
We invite you to showcase your programs, effective practices, solutions and experiences at this conference. Consider what you have to offer the apprenticeship community (JACs, Instructors, Employers, Educators, Apprentices, workforce organizations, etc.) that can be useful to the attendees of the conference.
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Call for Presenters:
The Conference audience is comprised of members of the apprenticeship community and includes government agencies, policy makers, sponsors of apprenticeship training programs, employers, business owners, educators, community based organizations, and various other workforce training stakeholders.
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April 25th-26th, 2018
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What Will Attendees Walkaway With from Your Workshop?
Will your workshop provide information? Present resources/services? Connect attendees with valuable networks? Is there a skill or take-away attendees will acquire? Please describe your primary goal(s) for the workshop.
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Vendors are welcomed and encouraged to present their solutions to the apprenticeship community!
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What's Next?
The Conference Committee will review all workshop/presentation submissions. You will be notified of selection and provided a time and location for your session. Presenters will have the option of providing electronic copies of their presentations and handouts to be made available to the apprenticeship community.
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