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Join the Monthly Letters of Encouragement (MLOE) movement by becoming a letter writer! You will hear back from a MLOE team member within 2 weeks whether or not you've been accepted as a letter writer.

Thanks for taking the time to apply! Please let us know of any questions / concerns by emailing

Thank you!
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I agree to writing the above-mentioned number of letters per month for the above-mentioned number of months. I agree to communicate with the MLOE team if my letter-writing needs to end early or if I need to skip a month. I agree to communicate with the MLOE team via email or text every time I mail my letters (with the following information: "This is _____ _____ (first & last name), and I just put letter # ____ in the mail to _____ _____ (recipient's first & last name[s])." I agree I am 18+ years old.
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