Motherboard Application
BFHES is looking to build a Motherboard, a dedicated cadre of homeschooling mothers from different states within the United States who will serve as an advisory committee for upcoming BFHES events and initiatives and serve as volunteer organizers on state-focused events. Motherboard members are communicative, interested in information-sharing, and strengthening the Black homeschooling community through collective work and responsibility. Motherboard members will be listed on our BFHES website as state-based resources for Black families looking for resources in their state.

We are interested in Motherboard members who:
-Have homeschooled for five years or longer.
-Run homeschool cooperatives, collectives, umbrellas or microschools or have worked a longtime as a homeschool organizer, consultant or educator.
-We are interested in Motherboard members who are knowlegable of state policies regarding homeschooling in their state and are able to create a document that explains the process in layman's terms.
-Motherboard members are Black mothers who have or are currently homeschooling Black children.

Motherboard members will receive:
-Free access to all BFHES events
-Opportunities to speak at BFHES events
-Opportunity to have their branding shared with the BFHES network

Motherboard members will be expected to:
-Create an original document of information (with links) on of how to begin homeschooling in their state (a template will be provided; this document will be rest on our website for new homeschooling families to access)
-Attend quarterly meetings with BFHES co-founders and other Motherboard members
-Participate in at least one BFHES event a year as a non-paid speaker
Email Address
Are You Currently Homeschooling?
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The current age range of the children you are currently homeschooling or finished homeschooling
What State Are You Located In?
How long have you lived in that state?
Did you homeschool in that state?
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Why are you interested in being on the Motherboard?
What are the three most important things new homeschooling families should know about homeschooling in your state?
If you were selected to be part of the Motherboard, what ways do you believe you would be most helpful to families interested in homeschooling?
Tell us a little bit about your experience running a homeschool cooperative, homeschool collective, umbrella, micro school, etc.
How long have you homeschooled your own children? What were the reasons you decided to homeschool?
Please list any links to online information about your homeschool practice or any work you have done regarding homeschooling.
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