Book your seat on the Oxford transport to national 'Together Against Trump' demonstration - July 13
We are seeking support from local campaigns and unions to keep the coast of the coach as cheap as possible. In the event we are not successful then seats will cost a maximum of £12 waged/£6 unwaged return.

Despite mass opposition to Trump’s politics of racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism, sexism, war, bigotry and climate change denial, he is being welcomed to the UK by Prime Minister Theresa May on July 13th.

Trump’s election as US President has given confidence to racists, sexists and bigots around the world. His rhetoric against Korea, Iran and Russia, and his moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem has stoked up the threat of war, including nuclear war, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Climate change is an increasing threat to the whole of humanity, yet Trump has set back meaningful action to limit the threat of abrupt climate change.

Trump represents a super rich elite that puts profit before people, who want to shape the world to enrich themselves further no matter what the cost to humanity and the planet.

By inviting Trump to visit Theresa May is endorsing Trump’s politics. This should come as no surprise. May has consistently supported austerity Trump’s drive to war, and her government has been exposed as deeply racist.

Mass protests on July 13 will send a clear message to Trump and May that we are prepared to fight for equal rights for all oppressed groups, for peace, economic justice and environmental sustainability.

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