2019 Mixed Experience Pack!
You want to try this powder you've been hearing so much about, but you don't want to commit to a box without first trying the flavours? You can order an experience pack just to experience and find out which flavours you like! So you know exactly what to order! The 7-Day Experience Pack flavours are all flavours you can order directly from the Singapore store so these will be the primary flavours.

The Keto OS is the star product, the Pure Therapeutic Ketones, and is the one we're all raving about for better energy, sleep, focus, mood, and fat loss.
To find out more --> yesto.pruvitnow.com/sg

Specials flavours sometimes land on our shores in the form of flash sales (and they're not kidding when they say FLASH SALE - they sell out pretty quickly!) For the ones who have been on ketones for a while and want to know what to order when flash sale comes around? You can choose what flavours to try first! And mark them down so you'll remember!

Orders will be sent out once you've responded and made payment! Drop me a DM once payment is transferred! Prices include courier delivery. Unless otherwise stated, all orders will be sent out with a mixture of either the MAX or NAT formula depending on availability.

*As for the Ketone Pee Strips, generally I find that these tend to stop working after they've oxidised or been damaged by heat i.e being placed in a toilet exposed to heat in the pm. So unless you're going to keep testing or many people are using it, it's best not to take a whole bottle. Based on experience, the effective period post bottle opening is 3 months. May be effective for slightly longer if stored in a cool dry place. So just get what you think you need! If you need you can always order more later on. =)

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Custom Experience Pack Orders (For 5/10 Day Packs)
Raspberry Lemonade
Swiss Cacao
Heart Tart
Key Limeade
(Charged Out of Stock) Purple Reign
(Charged Out of Stock) Vanilla Ski
(Charged Out of Stock) Harvest Sunrise
Maui Punch
Fairy Dust (NAT)
Celebration (NAT)
Holy Grail (NAT)
Tru Passion (NAT)
(Only Available in Charged) Life's a Peach (NAT)
(Caffeine-free Out of Stock) Mint Chip Cream
Charged (Caffeine)
Unleashed (Additional SGD15 per sachet)
Blue Ocean
Ruby Rush (NAT)
Eclipse (NAT)
More Ketones, More Caffeine
Keto Kreme (Additional SGD8 / sachet)
The Keto Kreme doesn't contain any ketones, but it does help your body's endogenous production of ketones and assists with fat burning too! It is powdered MCT oil and collagen, and we sometimes affectionately call it anti-aging in a sachet. =D Choose from Sweet Kreme, Mayan Mocha or Pumpkin Spice, and state how many of each you'd like.
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MitoPlex (Additional SGD4 / sachet)
Helps improve energy metabolism, increase mitochondrial biogenesis, improve energy production, increase muscle mass, improve performance as well as aid in brain performance. Prevents cramps as well as headaches that may arise from an electrolyte imbalance from being in ketosis. Formulated to have a neutral taste so you can add it to your Keto OS or any drink of choice, or you can take it on its own with water.
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