UKSF - ArmA 3 Clan - Application Form
Please read the following before submitting an application.

UKSF is considered a hardcore milsim unit. This means we take our roles very seriously in-game. Our debriefs involve close analysis of everyone’s performance, and people are often constructively criticised for sub-par performance. This is part of being in our unit and ensures everyone performs the best they can.

UKSF requires a high level of long-term dedication. The majority of our integral members have been with us for 2+ years, with the founders having been around for nearly 8 years. By applying to join us, we assume you are prepared to commit long-term to us. If this is not the case, you may prefer a unit that requires a lesser commitment.

We play regularly during the week, with official Operations running on Saturdays at 7:45pm GMT, and training sessions running on Wednesdays at 7:45pm GMT. You must be able to regularly attend both of these days.

APEX DLC is a requirement for joining.

Our recruitment runs on a 2 week cycle, whereby all applications within a 2 week window are processed on the Sunday at the end of that cycle.

Please contact us on our Teamspeak for further assistance and information:

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