Climate Data Survey
The World Resources Institute is currently doing a landscape assessment of decision relevant climate data and tools for policy makers, business and others. This is a broad assessment and the topics include emissions, mitigation, adaptation, impacts, finance, energy, transportation, cities, businesses and more.

At the same time we are identifying stakeholder needs and existing gaps. Please take a moment to answer the following questions and suggest any ways in which WRI's tools or data could be more helpful or user-friendly.
Email Address
Organization or Affiliation
What topics do you work on?
Who are your audiences?
How does climate data help you?
Can you offer more specifics on how you use climate data?
Which online climate data tools do you use regularly?
Please list tools and if possible what you like about them specifically
Is there any climate data that would be helpful but you are unable to access?
What online climate data tools would you like to see in the future?
This can include general ideas or can be very specific. More specific ideas are especially useful to identify gaps that we can potentially close.
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