Kid Authors - Group 1 Survey
I had a great time with you during our first group of the Kid Authors Project! Thank you for making it so much fun!

Right now I'm busy at work formatting our book. As soon as it's ready to download, I will let you know. (print version will be available a little later). In the meantime, let me know what you thought about the first group in the Kid Authors Project. You can take this survey and then have your parent (or child) take it, too. All feedback helps me for the next group!

Don't forget to SIGN UP for group 2 if you had fun during group 1!

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Did you enjoy the Kid Authors Project?
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Thinking about our missions... Were they:
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When we had missions every day I...
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When we had missions three times a week I...
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Thinking about the KidBlog website... Was it:
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When thinking of our "Meet the Characters/Villains" missions...
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What was your favorite part of the Kid Authors Project?
What was your least favorite part of the Kid Authors Project?
Do you have any suggestions for missions for Group 2? Please share them below.
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VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Here is my author info for OUR BOOK!
Tell readers a little bit about you. Make it fun, but nothing too personal. This will be printed in our book, so if you need ideas of what to include, look at the back of your favorite book and see what other authors say about themselves. I'll make sure that anything included in the book keeps you safe!
Is it okay to use your first and last name in our book? *
How would you like your name to appear in the book?
If I am allowed to use your first name, what name would you like to go by? For example: Do you want to go by Isabella or Bella? Gabrielle or Gabby? Tell me exactly how it should look!
If you did not participate much (or at all ) in the Kid Authors project, would you let me know why?
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