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Sad Girl Party is a place to share your experience with mental illness, abuse, trauma, and/or sexual assault. I am Mickie, the creator of Sad Girl Party and YA author and I want to create a community where survivors do not feel alone.

I have personally experienced several of these situations and I know exactly how isolating it can be. When you tell your story here, it will be posted on It will also be considered for publication in a full Sad Girl Party journal coming in 2022.

The purpose and goal Sad Girl Party to make these stories available to other survivors so they can know there is someone else in the world that feels the way they do or has experienced what they have. And hopefully encourage them to tell their story as well.

I want to raise the volume on our voices. I want to find strength in the vulnerability of these experiences by standing up and saying this happened to me and I am not alone.

Help me Speak Out
Connect with Survivors
and Break the Stigma by sharing your story.

You can find your story and others at
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Does Sad Girl Party have your permission to publish your story in the 2022 Sad Girl Party journal? If requested anonymity will be respected. Email address is required for consideration for publication but will not be shared and will be kept entirely private. There is no monetary compensation for publication but you will receive a free copy of the journal upon its release! *
Just a quick thank you for having the courage to share your story with me. This isn't easy. And no matter what you have been through I am so glad you're here to talk about it. Anything other comments, questions, or things you have to say can be written below.
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