Seminars by Geert De Wael from ERASMUS University College Brussels
VGTU „LinkMenų fabrikas", Linkmenų g. 28, aud. 207

2018-03-12 10:20 – 13:20 THE INNOVATION GAME

2018-03-14 14:00 – 17:00 BECOME MORE CHARISMATIC IN 3 HOURS

Lecturer Geert De Wael
Managing Partner of The Forge and Lecturer Innovation at Erasmus University College Brussels

Background: Applied Economics at KULeuven & MBA at Vlerick Business School
Worked for: IBM, TV Brussels (CFO), Sanoma (operations manager).
Expertise: Leadership, communication management & team communication
Other: Experienced improv & stand up comedian. Coaching of public speakers.

What is The Forge?

The Forge is a Ghent University Spin-off that measures and stimulates innovation culture in teams and organizations. The Forge has the mission to translate and apply high quality knowledge into practical tools and techniques.

During our workshop session, you’ll learn the evidence based insights, measures and techniques to stimulate an innovative climate and organize effective innovation processes in an experiential way.


➔ GOALS: Try to make the most innovative evidence based decisions with your management team and become aware of some of the most interesting scientific findings on innovation of the last 20 years.

➔ TARGET GROUP: Students interested in communication, innovation or entrepreneurship.

➔ METHODOLOGY: Through gamification


➔ GOALS: The participants get acquainted with 12 evidence based charisma techniques that have a proven impact on the perception of your audience as well as on how to build your story.

➔ TARGET GROUP: Students that need to present their work on a regular basis.

➔ METHODOLOGY: A very interactive workshop, with video recording and personal feedback.

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