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Working on our power is committed to providing an opportunity for everyone. A core aim of our programme is to engage in intergenerational and intersectional organising, recognising that historically this constellation of lived experiences have been marginilised from mainstream movements. We are determined to correct this.

In order to ensure we are doing all we can to encourage applications for people of all backgrounds; we need to collect monitoring data. Questions are optional and your answers will be treated confidentially.

This personal information is collected and dealt with appropriately -whether it is collected on paper, stored in a computer database, or recorded on other material- and there are safeguards to ensure this under the Data Protection Act 1998; all data we collect is kept under UK laws.
What's your date of birth?
How do you define your gender?
Non-Binary / Female / Male / Trans / Genderqueer / A-Gendered / or any other identity you feel best describes you
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How would you describe your ethnic background?
Options below available, or feel free to use any other identity you feel best describes you
What is your most recent educational qualification?
High school graduate / College graduate / Bachelors / Diploma / Masters / PhD / Adult learning
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How do you define your sexuality?
Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Heterosexual / Pansexual / Asexual / Queer or any other identity you feel best describes you
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Do you identify as a disabled person?
If yes, please describe in as much detail as you feel comfortable with
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What is your faith identity?
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Where did you grow up?
Which region of your country, e.g: Andalucia, Spain
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Where do you live now?
Same as above
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Which employment status applies to you most?
Which language do you feel most comfortable speaking in?
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If there is any other information about your background which you feel is relevant, please tell us here (i.e. class background, caring responsibilities)?
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