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Thanks for your interest in being an InnEdCO Chapter Leader.  Your responses will be shared with the InnEdCO Board who will follow up with you within a few weeks to discuss next steps.
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Which chapter leadership role most interests you (President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer) and why? *
If you don’t have a role in mind yet, that's totally fine.
Imagine you are recruiting an educator to attend a chapter event or to join this chapter.  How would you explain why InnEdCO chapters exist and what their relationship is with InnEdCO? *
Feel free to review the presentation found here if it would help you respond to this question:
How would you explain the purpose of this chapter, specifically? *
We invite you to dream big for this local PLC.  Why should it exist?
Who do you hope will benefit from this chapter? *
Are there specific districts/BOCES you would target for invitations to participate in your chapter? Are there specific roles you plan to target?
What types of events and activities do you believe would be most beneficial in your area and why? *
Consider local needs, common areas of interest, types of learning people might be focusing on, etc.
What relevant experience do you have that would make you a strong chapter leader? *
If approved to help lead a chapter, what would you do in your first 90 days of chapter leadership? *
What, if any, questions might you have for the InnEdCO Board? *
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