DTNS Mid-2018 Survey
Welcome the Daily Tech News Show audience survey. This is one way we can check in and ask you a few questions about what you're hoping for the show

We tried to be fair and specific while writing the questions, but we don't pretend to be professional pollsters, so let's all agree that this is an unscientific survey meant to help us make the show better!

We'll keep collecting your answers until the end of the day Friday, June 8, 2018, so you have plenty of time.

IMPORTANT THING #1: We will not publicly disclose your name, email or any identifying information as a part of this survey. However the text of your answers could be made public. We might publish a report about the survey on our website, or read selected responses on a show. If you want to remain anonymous, please keep identifying information out of your responses.

IMPORTANT THING #2: We are using Google Forms for this survey. If you don't have a Google login, or you don't want to use a Google product, write us at feedback@dailytechnewsshow.com and we'll send you a copy of the survey by email.

IMPORTANT THING #3: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! As always, we welcome your feedback! In fact, we have an email for that: feedback@dailytechnewsshow.com

Enough about us, tell us about you?
At the Associate Producer level, Patrons get a weekly column of 'Hot Takes" and news roundup from Tom. While he was gone Roger filled in. We're thinking of doing that more often and having Sarah write a bit as well. Even if you're not a patron at that level, what do you think of that?
To patrons who get the newsletter, what do you like most about it?
What did you think of Solo
If DTNS weren't live you would:
We're considering putting automated ads in the free public feed of DTNS. They would not be chosen by us so we'd have complete editorial separation. The Patreon feed would remain completely ad free. And we'd create an ad-free feed of just the DTNS show (without Good Day Internet around it) for patrons as well. Given all that, how do you feel about that idea?
What do you think of the monthly round table episodes? Do you like themed episodes, variety episodes or both?
Who's side are you on?
Do you want more international guests on the show or is the current mix just right?
DTNS offers a weekly column on Patreon to anybody at the Associate Producer level or up. Do you care? Do you read it? What would make it better for you? Or is it great already?
When do you listen to the show
What do you think of the DTNS merchandise? Have you bought any? Is there any you would like to see?
What is the one thing you think would make DTNS better?
Have we told you lately how much you rock?
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