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1. Height *
Height Measurement should be taken from the Customer’s Back Side directly in their Body. First we should, Correct the Customer’s Blouse without any wrinkles, Start taking the Measurement from the Shoulder Down to their Hip, While taking the Height Measurement, we should not leave any extra for Folding or Stitching seam, only finishing measurement should be taken from Customers
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2. Body Loose(Second) *
Second Body Loose Measurement should be taken from the Customer Chest Round. No Loose should be leaven. We need the Accurate Finishing Loose. Avoid Measurements like 0.25”, 0.5”, and 0.75”. Ex: 38”.
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3. Shoulder Finishing *
Shoulder Finishing is not meant by full Shoulder Measurement, it should be taken from Sleeve joint Portion (Shoulder Bone) towards Neck Side, depends on the Customer requirement about the narrow or Wide Neck. According to their Body loose. It will be 2 0r 2.5” Ex: 2.5”
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4. Hand Height *
Hand Height Measurement should be taken from the Shoulder Finishing End portion towards Down to the Customer required Height. The Measurement is only for Sleeve Height should not leave for any folding or Stitching. Ex: 9 .5”.
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5. Sleeve Loose *
Sleeve Loose Measurement should be taken from where we taken the End of Sleeve Height, in the same part Sleeve Loose should be taken. Tape should not be Free or Tight. Measurements taking should not be in 0.25, 0.75 like 14.25 or 13.75. It may be in 0.5, like 12.5, 13,13.5, 14, 14.5,.. Ex: 11.5”.
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6. Middle Hand Loose *
Middle Hand Loose Measurement should be taken in the Under Arm Position Circumference. Tape should keep in the Under Arm of the Customer and set their hands in normal Downward Position, now measure their Middle Hand Circumference without any Tight or Loose. Ex: 12”.
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7. Front Neck Height *
Front Neck Height Measurement should be taken from the Front Shoulder Center towards Down. The Measurement should be 0.5” - 1” excess of the Customer Body Armhole Line. Tape should not be place Cross, it should be Placed straight. Ex: 6”.
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8. Back Neck Height *
Back Neck Height Measurement should be taken from the Back Shoulder Center towards Down. The Measurement should be 0.5” - 1” excess of the Customer Front Neck Height. Tape should not be taken Cross, it should take straight. Ex: 6.5”.
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9. Total Waist Loose *
Total Hip Loose (waist) Measurement should be taken from the Customer Hip Side where they wear Blouse Last Hook; This tight should be as their Feel to lock the Blouse Hook on Wearing. It should not be in Numbers like 25.5”, 28.5”(.5 Measurements) It must be a whole Number like 26, 27, 28,…. Note: While taking this Measurement the Customer will not allow to tight their Hip Loose but you never mind. This Measurement should be always tight, then only fitting will be Perfect. Ex: 32”
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10. Front Point Center *
Front Point Center Measurement should be taken from the Customer Front Side from Center of the Shoulder towards Down till their Cup Size (Body Loose Part). This Measurement should be Accurate. It should not be in Numbers 9.75” , 10.25 ”,… It must be a Numbers like 9.5, 10,10.5,…. Note: Don’t allow the Customer to Bend Down, they should be stand straight. Ex: 9.5”.
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Do you Need The Drawing in Courier *
Some Customers, are Requesting to sent the Paper Drawing as Courier. So this option is Enabled. If You required this Drawing in Courier, the Courier Charges will for Rs.500 for 1 Size , Rs.1000 for 3 Sizes. Yo can Make this payment through PAYTM or call us at 8220047152, 9600534201 To Get the company Account No. and You can make the Payment. HENCE THE DRAWING SENT TO YOUR MAIL WILL BE FREE OF COST ONLY. YOU CAN TAKE PRINT FROM YOUR A2 PRINTOUT CENTER.
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