LURe Staff Application
This the general application for students interested in working on UWG's undergraduate research journal as a Staff Editor.

Staff Editors work extracurricularly, content and line editing submissions for the journal as well as helping organize and participate in events throughout the school year. They can submit 1 essay to the journal when submissions are open.

The journal also offers several paid positions for undergraduate and graduate students. [CURRENTLY THESE POSITIONS HAVE ALL BEEN FILLED. Applications will open again in the Fall of 2019.]

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In case you graduate or if we are unable to reach you from your school e-mail.
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Through text / social media in order to receive immediate updates/changes regarding the journal or meetings, or to answer questions.
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When is your preferred meeting day? *
Based on your schedule, what day(s) would you be most available to meet? (Certain meetings are required to keep the journal on schedule and to properly train editors.)
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Based on your schedule, what time would be best to hold meetings?
Here's an optional space to write out the days and times you would be available
Are you able and willing to put in the time required to be a LURe Editor? *
The amount of time typically spent working for LURe varies. Some weeks there won't be any work, and we expect the average workload to take 2-3 hours of your time a week, but busier weeks could require 4-5 hours. We hope to have a reliable team who is fully aware of the workload.
Are you familiar with Google Apps? *
LURe utilizes Google Docs and Google Drive to store and view author submissions. Editors are encouraged to utilize the comment feature and required to use suggested changes (track changes) to content and line edit. If you are not familiar with Google Apps, we will show you how to utilize these features at our meetings.
Do you have any ideas for possible fundraising?
In the spring semester of 2018, LURe held a Used Book Sale and a Spirit Night at American Pie to raise money for a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. What are some of your ideas to help raise money?
Do you participate in other extracurricular activities? If so, what?
Including jobs, clubs, sports, hobbies, etc.
Where did you hear about LURe? *
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