Foodie Destinations 2019 Application
PLEASE NOTE there is an entry fee of €150 (plus VAT at 23%) per application/destination. We will contact you for payment as soon as the entry is received. This fee goes towards administration of the project.

It is advisable to read the eligibility criteria/guidelines on the website before applying –

**Please note last years winners (2018) are NOT eligible to apply again this year (2019), but can submit an application next year.

The application MUST be submitted via this online form. Applications will not be accepted by another method. You can download the form template from as a reference before you submit the final version.

On each of the seven main questions there is a 10,000 character limit (roughly 3 A4 pages, font size 11). If you exceed the limit then please review your answer, keeping it concise and relevant.

Supplemental Material – We welcome supplemental material in digital format only (please do not post anything to us). Although we received some lovely items in previous years which gave a ‘taste’ of the area, the judges feel the application itself is more important at this stage and every applicant should be represented equally. If you make it to the final ten, you will have the opportunity to showcase your local produce etc. in person to the judges. A dropbox link is sufficient, or you can email us documents (programmes, brochures, images) to

Please also provide one landscape image in high resolution that represents your area. This will be used as a ‘profile picture’ if you make it to the next stage.

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