LA Yellow Conference Volunteer Application
Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at the Yellow Conference. As a volunteer, there may be opportunities for you to sit in on sessions & participate in activities, but the main priority of our volunteer team is to serve the attendees. Fill out the application below, and we'll get back to you by August 1st with our decision!
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Do you prefer talking to people or doing behind the scenes work (helping move furniture, directing speakers, stuffing gift bags, etc.)? *
Do you have experience helping out at a large event? If so, give us a few details about your role. *
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When are you available to volunteer? (Choose as many as you can.) *
Can you commit to being on-site for the ENTIRE period of time you are committing to? We *love* our volunteers and truly can't operate conferences without them! However it makes it super difficult if we have volunteers cancel when the conference gets near! Keep in mind that it's better not to sign up at all than it is to back out last minute! *
Lunch will be provided for all full-day volunteers. Do you have any dietary restrictions? (we will try our best to accommodate all dietary needs!) *
Is there anything that could cause you to not be able to participate as a volunteer? Once you say "yes" we count on you! We promise a day full of goodies and fun, but please don't apply unless you are confident you can attend!
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Thank you for filling out our survey!
We will be in touch within two weeks to let you know when we’ll need your help.
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