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Family Carnival & Picnic | October 26
This is a fun day for children and parents, but its success is largely dependent on parent volunteers. You will be asked to help with planning the event, setting up prior to the event, decorating, supervising an activity, and/or handing out prizes on the day of the event. Parents, please remember that children must have an adult to accompany them during the carnival.
Book Fair | Feb 25-March 1
This event has the dual purpose of benefiting our School Library while highlighting the wonder and excitement of reading for all our children. During this annual fair, each classroom will have the opportunity visit and purchase books. For a designated time, we get a percentage of all purchases made on behalf of St. Stephen’s from the Book Fair. The Chairpersons will provide the date and time of each class’s visit and we hope most of you will escort your child and enjoy the shopping. In addition to parent participation during the classroom visits, we need volunteers to help us sell gift certificates on campus before flag salute as well as help to set up for the classroom visits or help during the days of the Fair.
St. Stephen’s Art Show | February 16-18
St. Stephen’s Art Show is the largest fundraising event for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. The School shows its support by having volunteers (including parents, faculty and staff) who assist with the three day show in a variety of capacities. Basically, volunteers help at the food and drink booths, the admission gate, or the English Tea Room. Alternatively, volunteers may assist with setting up before the or breaking down after the show. A few hours from our busy schedules will help ensure the success of this not-for-profit event that benefits our entire community.
Field Day | January 18
This event will be fun for both students and parents and is a great opportunity for parents to support their children in a sporting event. All students and faculty are divided into two teams, which compete in various field and court events full of values, competitiveness and sportsmanship. All parents are encouraged to volunteer and their participation is the key to the event’s success. Volunteers may be called upon to help with the planning of the event, but are mostly needed during the day of the event to man a station, referee an event, tally scores, serve refreshments/lunch, etc. (Detailed information will be provided by the chairs.)
60th Anniversary Concert | January 26
This year’s annual fundraiser will consist of a Concert featuring Juanes and Fonseca to celebrate our school’s 60th Anniversary. Help organize the event, set-up and decorate the day of the event, or become part of the auction committee.
Faculty & Staff Appreciation | May 20-24
This is a week where we get to show our hard working teachers how much we appreciate them. Help with the planning and execution of the events. Typical events include a lovely breakfast, car wash days, coffee station set up, and distribution of gifts.
Helping Hands Committee
The Helping Hands Committee needs volunteers to help organize and facilitate our monthly After School Helping Hands Kids Club projects, Holiday gatherings with St. Alban’s, Make a Change for Haiti Drive, each grade’s partnership and all the annual outreach efforts: Beach Clean Up, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Courtyard Market, Angel Tree, etc. This is an important element of our community and your support will be greatly appreciated.
GreenSSEDS: Year-Round
GreenSSEDS is a parent volunteer group dedicated to the development and implementation of on-campus programs that raise environmental awareness and create a healthier, greener SSEDS. This group will partner with teachers, school staff and parents to create ongoing environmental education programs for students in all grades. The volunteer team will also organize our Earth Day celebrations plus recycling, student energy patrol and other programs.
Library Committee: Year-Round
Our extensive library needs volunteers to help collect books from the classrooms, process inventory and decorate during festive seasons. Volunteers may choose to come in any day between Monday – Friday for thirty minutes after flag salute, six or seven times as a total year-round commitment. Volunteers are also needed to conduct book clubs with the children in grades 1 through 5.
Yearbook Committee: Year-Round
Volunteers have the wonderful task of capturing our children’s Kodak moments through the school year, during classes, at class parties, field trips, class plays and pictures of all class students. Design and prepare a one page thank you for the yearbook dedicated to the class teachers and a candid page for the class. Parents are responsible for designing the ad, and getting it to the Year Book Chairperson prior to the deadline. Pictures may make it to the school website!
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