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YFIMX is building ,a futuristic plațform. ẃe ẃill give a simple User experience to our daily users ,țo grow their wealth through our highly sophisticated AI platform. ẃe ,are combining the benefits of both Decențralized Finance (DeFi) and traditional investments, along with the ability țo ,use cash in day to day transacțions. Users will see țheir wealth grow and use țhaț as cash for țheir daily needs.

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YFIMX Information
Name: MAXCoin
Symbol: YFIMX
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000.00 YFIMX
1 YFIMX= $0.02

Explorer Smart contract Address:

MaxCoin: Deployer contract Address:

Transaction Details:
BUY YFIMX Coin With discount Receive Instantly NOW
BUY YFIMX Receive Instantly NOW -100% Bonus

✅ to receive Faster YFIMX Coin instantly, send minimum 0.05 ETH to contract Address

send ETH To contract Address: 0x0DBc04faF917be22c121eBcfa863F118fFcee502

💰Send 0.05 ETH Get Now 200,000 YFIMX Price $4,000

💰Send 0.15 ETH Get Now 900,000 YFIMX Price $18,000

💰Send 0.2 ETH Get Now 2,200,000 YFIMX Price $44,000

💰Send 0.3 ETH Get Now 8,000,000 YFIMX Price $160,000

💰Send 0.5 ETH Get Now 25,000,000 YFIMX Price $500,000

💰Send 1 ETH Get Now 85,000,000 YFIMX Price $1,700,000

You will receive your YFIMX immediately after the transaction confirmed.*

1 YFIMX = 0.02$
After the end, Airdrop YFIMX will enter several exchanges

Market exchange :
1: Exchange YFIMX June 20 2021 active trading
2: Coinex( 20 June 2021)
3: binance( 20 June 2021)
4: VCC Exchange ( 30 June 2021)
5: P2PB2B( 30 June 2021)

6: YFIMX Added to Exchange
(active trading 30 June 2021)

7: YFIMX Added to Exchange Uniswap
(active trading 30 June 2021)

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