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We specialize in interior and exterior painting, both residential and commercial. We're always looking for hardworking and qualified people to join our team in Phoenix and Tucson. Fill out the application below and we will contact you regarding an possible interview.

We offer competitive pay, 401k retirement plan, health insurance, and opportunity for advancement.

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Currently we only do business in Phoenix and Tucson.
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Before an offer of employment is made, there will be a criminal background check, I-9 verification, and drug screen.
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Arriving on time shows respect for your co-workers, your job, and the customer.
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Do you have your own reliable transportation from your home to the job site each day?
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We work all over the city and some job locations may be up to 1 hour away. Are you able to get to each work-site without any issue, even if it is across town from your home?
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Do you have any physical limitations that could prevent you from performing duties common to the painting trade. Afraid of heights? Uncomfortable on ladders? Lifting restrictions?
What formal group or classroom training have you had? Check all that apply.
How many exterior stucco homes would you guess you have painted or helped to paint?
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How many homes do you estimate you have painted or helped paint on the interior?
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What paint brands and lines of paint do you have the most experience with?
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We are a company who cares, has fun, and has high exceptions of performance. Explain how you would be a great fit to work with Arizona Painting Company.
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If we hire you, what goal would you want to accomplish your 1st year? What would you want to accomplish after 3-5 years?
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Tell us about a time when you went "above and beyond" what was expected of you.
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