Implicit Biases Installation

I’m developing an installation in the Bay Area that translates into an interactive digital platform. The subject is on implicit biases (unconscious attitudes or stereotypes) and the installation will be a construct of individual experiences with stereotypes.

In order to execute the installation I need help from you.

Has someone made a comment that passed a judgement or stereotyped you in some way? Have you walked away from a comment or experience wondering “was that because of my age, gender, sexual orientation, race..?” You don’t need to define the type of stereotype to have felt the impact of it.

Any experience you have had is welcome, feel free to be as personal as possible.
Write the experienced stereotype here (Example: Someone once said to me, “You dress really manly, so I thought you liked women”). Keep it as short as possible.
How old are you?
What city do you live in?
What is your race and ethnicity?
What is your first and last name? Your name will appear with the experienced stereotype. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your full name, your first name will suffice.
How do you identify? (Optional, but very helpful if you feel comfortable sharing)
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