ArabWIC Regional Talks - June 2020
ArabWIC Regional Talks is a monthly meeting hosting experts from around the globe and includes news from local chapters too. It is aimed to benefit our community. The session is public and everyone is welcome to join us!

Date: Jun 6, 2020

Time: 4:00pm GMT, noon Eastern Time (US and Canada) 8:00pm UAE, 7:00pm Lebanon, 6:00pm Egypt; 5:00pm Tunis.

Topic: Experiences from Silicon Valley: New opportunities in Tech during COVID-19.

Speaker: Rasha Hussein, she is from Tulkarm, Palestine. She lives in California and works as a Software Engineer at a startup that matches companies with students and new grads, for jobs and internship opportunities.
Previously worked at Quora building the user interface for the self-serving ads platform. She also worked at Udacity as part of the internationalization team making the online education platform available in different languages including Arabic.
In her free time, she likes to read books and her favorite topic to read about is psychology.

It Will be held Via Zoom, please register in this form.

PS: The zoom link will be sent through an email to those who register in the form in order to avoid hackers and call Intruders and disturb the direct broadcasting process .. we take this step In order to help you get the maximum amount of information during this meeting, so please register in the attached form.
Rasha Hussien: Working from home during COVID-19, an experience from the Silicon Valley.
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