Cockerdoodle poo questionnaire
Hello and welcome to Cocker doodle poo .
Here at cocker doodle poo we know the importance of adding the correct dog to your home . Here we will ask a few short questions to make sure your circumstances are suitable for the breed of dog you are wanting to add to your family.
Even though we breed beautiful fluffy loving puppies, all puppies come with a huge amount of responsibility and we like to make sure people realise the importance of training and caring for your puppy correctly so your puppy turns into a healthy, well rounded dog.
Thank you in advance for completing this short questionnaire. It reassures us our puppies are going to correct forever homes .
Please don’t be alarmed if we can’t add you to our waiting list , our criteria is strict. This doesn’t mean you won’t be suitable for other breeders or other breeds of dog . Due to high number of enquires our response may be delayed but we will respond back to everyone when we can .
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What breed of dog are you interested in adding to your family? *
Why is this your chosen breed ? *
Do you or anyone in your family home have allergies? *
What are your main reasons for adding a dog to your home ?
Have you owned a dog before?
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Have you looked into puppy training ? *
Do you have a family ? If so what age are your children
Do you live in a house with a enclosed garden or outdoor space *
Do you work full time ? If so have you organized a dog walker/doggie care ? *
Will your puppy be left regularly for more than 4 hours *
Are you happy to take out a life long insurance policy for your pet? *
Do you have any other dog’s ? If so, are they good with other dog’s *
What is their breed , sex , age ? Do you think they would benefit from having a companion? *
What is the ideal time frame for you to get a puppy? *
Have you ever returned a dog/puppy if so, why ? *
Do you have a particular sex or colour of your chosen breed ? *
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