KAHO 2017 Program Submission Form
This year's KAHO conference: Moving Mountains: The Challenge of Change will focus on how we as professionals have faced the many changes in the field and how these changes influence our constant growth.

To direct deeper discussion and exploration into this topic we ask that all proposed sessions/programs fall under the following areas:

The bullets under topic areas are suggestions and not exclusive. Please be creative and take freedom when developing your presentation.

The Challenge of Change
in regards to

Community Engagement
- Residential Curriculum
- Hall Programming Models
- Campus Wide Initiatives
- Living Learning Communities
Professional Development
- Getting Involved in Institutes
- Committee Work
- Sharpening the Saw
- Self-Care
Social Justice/Diversity and Inclusion
- Serving/Supporting DACA Students
- Assessing campus climate
- Title IX
- Serving/Supporting marginalized student groups
Strategic Planning and Partnerships
- Bridging the gap between the classroom and campus experience
- Crisis Management
- Planning and Facilitating Renovations
- How we fit and can supplement accreditation
- Navigating Housing’s Relationship with Facilities Management
Student Conduct
- Restorative Justice
- Process and Procedure
- Creative Solutions to Sanctioning
Trends and Best Practices:
- Assessment
- Housing Selection
- Sustainable Practices
- Student Staff Selection and Development

Please note that all sessions will be scheduled for a total of 50 minutes. The last 5 minutes will be used by the moderators to rate sessions. So please note that actual presentation/discussion time should be no longer than 45 minutes total.

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