Please read this document carefully. When signed by the student and your parent or guardian, it becomes an agreement between you and the Pinelands Regional School District. Signatures indicate an agreement to abide by the conditions and guidelines established here.

The student/parent may be held financially responsible for replacement and/or repair of a device, if damage/loss is deemed by Pinelands Regional to be the fault of the student.

I understand that the use of electronic information resources must be in support of education, research, and the educational goals and objectives of Pinelands Regional.
I understand that electronic mail is not private.
I agree not to submit, publish, display, or retrieve any defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal material.
I will abide by all copyright regulations.
I will not reveal home addresses or personal phone numbers of myself or others.
I will not use the network in any way that disrupts the use of the network by others.
I will not use the network for commercial purposes.
I will follow all of the rules of the Pinelands Regional Handbook acceptable use policy while using electronic information resources.
I will not attempt to harm, modify, or destroy hardware or software, or interfere with system security.

The use of electronic resources is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked at any time. The system administrator may close an account at any time. The system administrator’s decision may be appealed to the superintendent. The account shall remain closed through the appeal process. The decision of the superintendent is final.
Pinelands Regional reserves the right to establish such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the efficient operation of the electronic information systems.
Parents may purchase additional protection for their student’s device. Devices may be added to a homeowner’s/renter’s insurance policy OR visit this third party website for additional insurance options. (

Infractions of the provisions set forth in the 1:1 Computer Student/Parent Agreement may result in suspension or termination of access privileges and/or appropriate disciplinary action.
Activities in violation of state and federal statutes will be subject to prosecution by those authorities. Disciplinary action may be taken by Pinelands Regional School District.
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