Let us know how COVID-19 is affecting your nonprofit
Your stories made a difference. They inspired people to lend a hand or make a donation. And they made a difference in advocacy efforts locally and nationally, leading lawmakers to include nonprofits in the CARES Act and in many states’ relief funds. Stories you shared with us – and gave us permission to share more broadly – have appeared on the front page of The New York Times and in The Wall Street Journal, which in turn generated additional newspaper, radio, and television coverage. By lifting your voice to tell your story, you provided important real-world perspectives that, among other things, gave needed leverage for the House and Senate to pass a partial fix for nonprofits that self-insure for unemployment by unanimous consent. Your voice counts – not only for your nonprofit and not just for the broader nonprofit community, but also for the countless people who rely on nonprofits in this time of great need.

But we’re in a new world now. Closures have lasted longer than we could have imagined initially. Reserves have dried up, as have PPP loan funds. Millions more people are turning to nonprofits for assistance with everything from food security to mental health services. And, as the new Congress and Administration focus on the details of the next relief package while state and local policymakers make difficult decisions as their government budgets shrink drastically, stories of the currently unfolding conditions nonprofits encounter in 2021 still need to be told.

That’s why we ask and hope you will take a minute to share your nonprofit’s story with us so we can continue lifting up your stories and advocating for the solutions our communities need.
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What new or increasing challenges are you seeing or do you anticipate in 2021?
If you could share one message with policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels, what would it be?
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