It is our responsibility as citizens and the community of IIT Gandhinagar to extend support and solidarity to the farmers in their ongoing struggle against the recently enacted farm laws.
We wish for the members of IIT Gandhinagar to come together on this issue in a unified voice of support for the cause of the farmers and in strong condemnation of the atrocities committed against them by the State during this struggle.
In furtherance of this, we ask you to join in as signatories to help the cause by showing solidarity.
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Statement in solidarity with Farmers
We, the undersigned members of IIT Gandhinagar, stand in solidarity with the Farmers and in favor of their democratic right to protest against the farm laws.

We condemn the atrocities committed by the State, specially by the Police departments upon peacefully protesting farmers, activists, and journalists.

We condemn, the arrests of peacefully protesting farmers and activists, and ask for their immediate release.

We condemn the arrest of journalists, internet shutdowns, and other violations of the Constitutional Right to Free Speech and Expression.

We stand in support of the farmers in their demand for the repeal of the concerned farm laws.

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