Petition in Solidarity with the Sisters of Holy Cross, Regina Assumpta College (Cap-Haïtien, Haiti)
On 8 October 2018, the outer walls and several buildings of Regina Assumpta College, Cap-Haïtien, Haiti were severely damaged by a bulldozer on the orders of an departmental official, ostensibly in order to unblock a waste-water canal of the city. Experts in the field believe that it is neither necessary nor appropriate that such evacuation canals be in open air to be effective. Moreover, the canal crossing the Regina Assumpta campus is cleaned regularly and was last done in February 2018.

Although the Sisters asked for time to reclean the canal if necessary, their request was rejected without consideration. The entire process leading up to the partial demolition of the College took place with no real transparency or dialogue on the part of the officials. As a result of the damages to the walls and buildings, the Sisters were forced to close the school for more than 1,600 students.

For additional information, click the following links to view: 1) the declaration from the Sisters of Holy Cross, 2) the letter of support from the Catholic schools of Cap-Haïtien, and 3) photos

The Sisters are calling upon the national government to intervene and ensure that the Department and other relevant government ministries:
1. Engage in transparent dialogue with the College Director and Congregation Administration regarding actions undertaken by the department;

2. Assure the College Director and the Congregation Administration that no further demolition will take place;

3. Rebuild what has been destroyed and assume the cost for the repairs; and

4. Publicly disclose their workplan for addressing the urgent problem regarding sustainable development of the hill areas around Cap-Haïtien, as well as the sanitation and water drainage issues in the city itself.

You are invited to join in these calls in solidarity with the Sisters of Holy Cross by signing below. Signatures will be accepted until November 6, 2018.

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