Every user who wants to partake in being a Beta Tester on the Lupinar websites (Lupinar Community, Lupinar Forum, and Lupinar Chat), must read, and agree by signing this contract before further access to Lupinar sites. If you are found violating this contract, or the contract and its requirements, you can lose access to the Lupinar sites. Upon signing this contract, you have claimed to having read, understood and agreed with these terms.

There is not a limit on how many people can apply at this time, however please do not send in more than one application at a time. Please be patient as yours is reviewed, and understand that we can reject your application. If you’re ever curious or wanting to check up on your application, this is fine, just please do not pester, harass or beg the Lupinar Guardians to accept it, this will result you with an automatic rejection.

-- Upon joining this group of individuals, it is required you maintain an active, helpful and informative presence within the site’s community, and be willing to work alongside others, and give constructive feedback and help aid the development of the site(s). Upon joining one site, you join all of Lupinar sites, and activity and feedback is important in all of them.

-- When you volunteer as a Beta Tester, you’re granted to test out features, view new features, and other works that other user’s do not have access too. If you’re found exposing content that is not be meant to be shared, you can face consequences, ranging from a warning, to a ban, to removal from the sites, if found doing so.

-- You must understand that this is not an administrative role, nor does it automatically mean you’ll be accepted in the future, should you apply for one. This is a volunteer group, for those who wish to be included in the growth and rebuilding of Lupinar, and want to be able to aid and further help the site.

-- Activity is incredibly important, especially during the beginning process of many things, so Beta Testers are to be active and participating in the site’s growth during. There isn’t a demanded weekly based time, but it’s requested you’re active at least a couple times every two weeks, to help give feedback, opinions, suggestions, and assistance where needed. If for any reasons, if the Lupinar Administration feel that you’re lacking in performing the above requirements, you’ll be approached. Once approached, and activity does not pick up after, you can be removed from have a Beta Tester role.

After reading through these requirements, please feel free to fill out the form below. This application will be sent to the official Lupinar Guardians e-mail in which both Coyote and Ravi will check routinely. Please wait a couple days for a response from either of us. Thank you.

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E-mail *
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Age *
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Previous Experience (please provide any experience with Chatlands, or other sites with beta testing, site development, coding, etc.)
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Why do you want to volunteer for Lupinar as a Beta Tester?: (Please be honest, do not simply say things to get accepted, nor ask us to help you/tell you what to put.) *
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Thank you so much for showing an interest in Lupinar, it’s greatly appreciated and with your help, Lupinar, can grow and become a site that is driven by it’s community and staff and be somewhere to come relax, chat with friends, and have a good time. We’re excited to welcome those who wish to help further the goals and atmosphere we’re hoping to create! If you have any questions, in regards to Lupinar, and what it’s plans and projects are, our growth, or any other information, please feel free to contact either Coyote, or Ravi, through Wolfome, or the Lupinar Discord.

Come join us! Best regards,
The Lupinar Guardians

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