Gallegos 3rd Grade 2018-2019
I know you fill out a lot of forms for your child, and I'm sorry to have you complete one more, but would you please? This information will help our year go a little more smoothly. Please take a moment to answer the following questions. Thank you so much.
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I am going to be hosting a Donor's Choose campaign for flexible seating in my classroom. May I have your permission to use your child's photo in my campaign on the Donor's Choose website? *
Are you interested in helping? Here is what I may need. I need a room parent to organize the parties for the year. I need other volunteers and people to bring the food. I would love a regular teacher helper to do clerical things like make copies or help prepare materials. I also will need a volunteers for a field trip in the spring. Mark what you would love to do and I will contact you to help as needed. Thanks!
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