Sing Me In - collection of good practices
Quick summary: Questionnaire to collect good practices related to the use of collective singing in the integration process of young migrants.
Aim of this questionnaire
With this questionnaire, we are collecting examples of the use of collective singing in the integration of young migrants.

If you know of an interesting project or experience, please share the information you have in this form.
We will use the information you submit to discover useful new ideas that might be shared with the community.

Your examples can take place in any country, as long as they fit the theme. They can also be targeted towards adults but use methods that can be transferred to the youth sector.

You can also of course contact us per email at (English, French or German) and tell us about the experiences in this field in your country.
What is "Sing Me In" and who are we?
"Sing me In" is a non-commercial, European cooperation project gathering 11 cultural organizations.
We believe that collective singing is an efficient tool for integration of participants from diverse origins.

The aim of the project is provide children and youth choir conductors and music teachers with pedagogical approaches and tools that allow collective singing activities to play a positive role in the integration process of young people in risk of exclusion.

Learn more about the project Sing Me In:

With the support of the EU Erasmus+ Youth Programme.

Sing Me In is coordinated by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (DE) in partnership with: Estonian Choral Association (EE), Sulasol (FI), Ung i Kor (NO), ZIMIHC (NL), Koor&Stem (BE), A Coeur Joie (FR), Musica International (FR), Moviment Coral CatalĂ  (ES), Koro Kulturu Dernegi (TR) and Fayha Choir (LB).
Who should answer this questionnaire?
Anybody who knows about an interesting example, successful or not (we can learn a lot from mistakes, too).
Your contribution
You can answer in any language.
In what country is the experience located? *
What describes best the experience and its targets?
Multiple answers possible
Name of the experience?
Organiser of the experience
Name of the choir, or the organisation, etc. If you have an adress or a contact, please provide it here.
Useful links
Add any internet links related to this experience that could help us, website, videos, articles, etc.
Contact person
Who is the contact person? If possible, please provide name and email, telephone, etc.
Description of the experience
Can you describe the experience briefly?
Interesting repertoire
Do you know any relevant repertoire that would be worth sharing: songs for intercultural singing, songs from the countries of origin, songs for children, etc.
Why do you think it is useful for Sing Me In?
What do we learn from this experience? What useful idea does it bring that we could share with the collective singing community in Europe? Please add any other comments here!
Information about yourself
Please provide us with your information, so we may contact you if we have questions.
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