Bonner Foundation/Pre-Collegiate Program Partnership Myanmar, Summer 2019
June 1 to August 10, 2019.


The Bonner Foundation/Pre-Collegiate Program invites Bonners to apply one of these posts.

*documentary filmmaking
*promoting public health through journalism
*developing a new website for PCP, your Bonner partner
*teaching children in a bilingual science based school to think with maps
*creating short videos of physics experiments to make high school science come alive

For more information visit and contact one of the team:

● Min Thein, Internship Coordinator, Yangon,
● Lin Phyu Sin (Betty) Selection Committee Chair, Franklin & Marshall Senior,
● Yadana Nath Desmond, Selection Committee,
● Aung Khant, Internship Hunter, Yangon,
● Dorothy Guyot, Pre-Collegiate Program Co-Founder, ​
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Join Myanmar's Social Innovators working to bring about development!
The Pre-Collegiate Program of Yangon, a small liberal arts high school, is the Bonner partner. Opportunities abound in Myanmar, and PCP alumni have already made their mark. Graduates include a Member of Parliament; a Yale PhD growing a quality liberal arts college; the co-founder of a trailblazing documentary film studio, key staff of a social enterprise that has enhanced the livelihood of a half a million farmers; the co-founder of a healthy food agribusiness; researchers in think tanks.
How would you like to become part of this network?

Students need to contribute $2,500 toward the full cost of $4,700. Private donors are covering the rest. The program covers all expenses: visa fee, orientation, a round trip flight to Myanmar from a major airport near you, in-country bus travel, food and lodging, local phone costs, two weeks of Burmese lessons, health and other insurance, all materials, pocket money, and weekend excursions.

Please complete this form and submit it along with a copy of your CV, your transcript including fall 2018 grades, and any additional supporting material. Ask two people to write reference letters and give us permission to phone them. Send them a copy of your completed application form so that they will be able to write stronger reference letters. Ask them to comment on your flexibility and resilience. Your materials and letters of reference, coming separately, go to .

Friday January 25, 2019 deadline for complete application and letters of reference.

On Thursday, Jan 31 the finalists will be individually informed by email.

Expect to be invited to a Skype interview. During the following 10 days you will be informed whether you have been selected. You will have 5 days to accept or decline the post. After the close of the selection process, all candidates will be informed of the outcome. Saturday Feb 16 at 2:00 pm EST is the first Skype meeting of the Bonners with PCP team members. Orientation and wrap-up will take place in both California and Yangon.

Your internship host organization will provide a mentor and a project small enough to show progress in only two months. You will have a Burmese partner who works at the internship as your teammate. As in your college, the Bonner/PCP Myanmar experience will center on the following six grounding values and learning goals:

● Service to others.
● Understanding of a diverse local culture.
● Acquisition of basic Burmese language.
● Understanding of the history and growth of the field within which you will be working.
● Reflection and documentation of your experience.
● Communication of the process and results of your internship both within Myanmar and upon return to the US.


Description of the five Yangon-based participating internship host organizations from which to choose:


As a journalist for Health Digest you and your Burmese partner will be creating news stories that will inform and empower readers, both young and old.

Health Digest is the pioneering print weekly in the Burmese language that reaches people across a wide social spectrum. The journal proactively teaches thousands each week to practice their own preventive medicine. Doc Htwe is working to empower people to safeguard their own health. He graduated in 1980 from the Institute of Medicine in Mandalay. Entrance to medical school starts at age 16 for students who performed at the top in the national matriculation exam. Six years of courses and one year of residency produced a full-fledged doctor. The shortage of doctors results in patients not learning from them how to stay healthy. Doc Htwe decided that the most effective way he could promote health in his country was to educate people through a weekly journal. As the founder and editor-in-chief of Health Digest, he had the problem of making the news journal interesting to people who know nothing about preventive health. Every issue runs stories of famous Burmese actors, actress, and singers.

As journalists, you and your Burmese partner will work in a small front room with experienced journalists and head out all over Yangon to gather information for your news stories. Initially, Doc Htwe will assign stories to you, but before the end of the internship you and your partner will understand preventive medicine sufficiently to find your own stories. Together you will write your stories in English. Your partner will translate them into Burmese, and then an editor will work with you both to shape them into news stories aimed at the readership. The three usual sources where you and your partner will find stories are: interviewing foreign experts; attending medical conferences and talks; and finding information on the web to adapt. You may even become so in tune with the culture that you and your partner can write feature stories on herbal plants known to the various traditions of the country.

Strong applicants for this position will have experience on a school or college newspaper, interest in health, strong writing skills, skill in adapting science content to a wide audience, and good interviewing techniques, including note taking skills.

Check out:


At Lumbini Academy you will join a school with vibrant, cooperative children to teach them critical thinking using map lessons that you, a retired Carleton professor, and a key teacher design.

Lumbini Academy, founded in 2006, is the only bilingual and science-based school in Myanmar. The bilingual nature of this K-12 school allows its students to prepare for a global education and to strengthen their Burmese roots. At Lumbini, teachers encourage children's questions in classrooms of about 23 students, but in government schools students in classrooms as large as 50 are usually hushed. The prime qualifications for teachers at Lumbini are that they love children and read books for pleasure. Since Lumbini students learn both English and Burmese, you will be able to communicate directly with students. Since critical thinking is done best in one's mother tongue, your PCP partner and the classroom teachers will be able to carry a discussion with any younger child to a deeper level and then let you know the child's thinking process. Until Lumbini opened, the parents who wanted their children to know the modern world sent them to learn English in an expensive international school or to years of English tutoring. Unfortunately, in this way children were losing opportunity to play and their heritage.

Here are ideas that are now in play for the unit on maps. For children to grasp that maps are a representation of space, they need to start with what they know. A map of a classroom tables that seats six could be a beginning. Children could make maps of the classroom, their school building, the grounds holding the three buildings. They would be learning math, measurement, scaling. They would recognize that map makers are selective in the detail they show. Older children could use Google Earth to map their school, the Kyaikkasan Pagoda next door, and the school neighborhood. They could use maps of Yangon to pinpoint where they live. Maps could be connected to class field trips. Older children could use climate records available on the internet to make rain maps of their country. They could make historical maps to show how kingdoms in their country grew, shrank, and disappeared. The initial plan is to conduct the teaching at three different grade levels during three blocks that are each two weeks long.

This internship has a unique early component. Professor Wagenbach will work by Skype with you and the Lumbini teacher who is the internship mentor during late February and into March to shape the first iteration of the curriculum.

Qualifications for the post are a love of maps, a love of children, insights into the processes of learning and teaching, and an awareness of child development. You can point to your knowledge of how children think and feel as gained through Bonner service, baby sitting, caring for siblings, college coursework and/or independent reading. Your letters of reference should speak to your abilities with children between the ages of 5 and 12.

For several perspectives on Lumbini check out these websites. A variety of learning activities.
● The founder of Lumbini explains the network of monastic schools.
● Profile of Prof. Wagenbach, the professor you will work with on the curriculum.
● To glimpse the extent of Prof. Wagenbach’s scientific interests, note this set of videos.


Seeking a Bonner Intern for Web Design and Development

The program’s mission: to create a society of educated innovators, leaders, and change-makers who solve important challenges in Myanmar and beyond. The program provides 12 months of rigorous academic course-work and concludes with a four-month long internship.

The program’s history: Founded in 2003, PCP has sent over 200 Myanmar nationals to receive bachelor degrees abroad at high calibre liberal arts institutions.

The program’s need: PCP is seeking a Bonner Intern who will design and develop a website that accurately reflects the academic excellence, innovation, and excitement of the program. The Bonner intern will work as a partner with a recent PCP graduate and report directly to the Program Director.

The Intern should:
● have skills in software programming and graphics
● have creativity and imagination
● be adaptable and able to pick up new techniques
● have good interpersonal and communication skills
● be up to date with advances in computer technology
● possess a good grounding in web design, interactive design, graphic design and internet technology.

In the course of the internship the web designer/developer will:
● work with the program director to create and refine content, including website copy, photographs, and videos
● write the programming code, either from scratch or by adapting existing website software and graphics packages to meet program requirements
● test the website and identify any technical problems
● upload the site onto a server and register it with different search engines.

Interested candidates can learn more about PCP by visiting our Facebook page:
and current website:


In working for Tagu Films you will join highly cooperative filmmakers who produce professional quality documentaries.

Tagu Films is a Myanmar based production company that documents, creates, and funds film projects in Myanmar. We focus on human-centered stories and strive to build a network of filmmakers that are willing to share the Myanmar narrative. Our film production is comprised of four members who are internationally experienced Myanmar filmmakers who aim to deliver unique stories and support the independent filmmakers community in Myanmar.

We offer you a choice on one of two teams,

Production: The intern in production will work closely with the producer and will get the opportunity to learn about the “behind the scenes” work that is needed in order to produce a film. The job will require interns who are willing to do research on subjects, share stories, and have a keen eye on good storytelling.

Film crew: The intern working with the film crew will assist the cameramen, soundperson, and director in helping to visualize the film project. This post will give an opportunity for the intern to learn about the intricacies of filmmaking in Myanmar.

We are looking for interns who have a demonstrated interest in the work that we do. . While all other interns are proficient in both Burmese and English, the Bonner pair will be effective together. The Bonner candidate will have some experience working as part of a high energy team and in addition have knowledge of some aspect of filmmaking.

● Trailers of Tagu’s films will acquaint you with our work.
● Our film on the 2016 election in Myanmar won by the National League for Democracy is on YouTube at
● We also made the 5-minute video of the Pre-Collegiate Program on the home page of their website at
● Four trailers are here.
● Footage from our first documentary, This Land is Our Land. In 2013 this criticism of the military government was daring.


The pair of interns at 360⁰ed will form a team of three with an experienced staff member to develop and produce short, highly engaging educational videos of high school students performing physics experiments that are mentioned in the current national high school textbooks.

Our company's mission is to visioneer learning and to democratize the 21st century learning skills in Myanmar and the region. 360ed warmly welcomes interns from Japan and America where we look to for their thoroughly thriving technology and well-established high standard of education. Some call their workplace an office. We call it a playground. We make. We hack. We share. We chill. Be prepared to explore our innovative playground, which is a habitat of mission-driven educators, hackers, techies, and makers. We push ourselves beyond our limits. Every day is a hackathon day, which means you will be learning and building at least one new thing related to education or technology each month. So be prepared to have an open mind and a growth mindset on learning new things, and get yourself ready to burn out. Not only will you be learning to break rules to make things fast, but also to take full responsibility for your action. You will additionally be observing the largest city of Myanmar, Yangon, which is a culturally and economically diverse hub. Gaining mutual benefits, let’s grow and have fun together!

The founder of 360⁰ed, Daw Hla Hla Win, earned a master's degree at Harvard's Kennedy School. At Singularity University in Silicon Valley she designed a VR project with two Europeans and then created multiple ways to launch Myanmar into using high tech to enhance education. You, your Burmese partner, and a staff member of 360ed are charged with creating short videos to make 9th and 10th grade physics interesting to all students. Your team will find high school students to perform some of those experiments and aim to produce one quality video each week. The videos will be posted on YouTube, available to teachers and students alike. Because many young techies at 360⁰ed are working on a wide variety of projects, you and your PCP partner will need the ability to focus on your work.

A strong applicant for this position will have some experience with filming and producing short videos, an understanding of how to present material in an engaging way, a love of physics, experience in working with and training high school students, and will have given thought to relating online materials to a textbook curriculum.
https://youtube/vNFGWjiA-uw is an up-to-date video of our team at the office.


For more information see the Bonner website and contact:

● Min Thein, Internship Coordinator, Yangon,
● Lin Phyu Sin (Betty) Selection Committee Chair, Franklin & Marshall Senior,
● Yadana Nath Desmond, Selection Committee,
● Aung Khant, Internship Hunter, Yangon,
● Dorothy Guyot, Pre-Collegiate ProgramCo-Founder, ​
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