LiveHacks #5 Application | Designer
Hej! We are very excited to review your application and hopefully welcome you on November 24th 2018 at Reaktorhallen, Stockholm.

We will review all applications until November 20th 2018 and create teams by selecting fitting profiles. You will be assigned to a group of up to five people with different skills. We will create name tags for you and set up Slack communication channels so you can start introducing each other before the event. Each group can either choose from a portfolio of ideas to work on or create own ideas. You will also get access to a technical portfolio as well as APIs shortly before the event - please note that you will have to agree to our terms and conditions (section 3 of 3) to access all APIs and therefore to participate in LiveHacks.

You will be notified about the selection no later than the 21st of November 2018. Please let us know before the event in case you cannot participate.

Good luck with the application!
(takes between 2 and 4 minutes)

See you soon,

Your LiveHacks crew sincerly

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