What Does Math Look Like?
  Thanks so much for your participation in this project! Kids will not only benefit from hearing about your career, but also from the inspiration that comes from knowing that someone just like them from downtown Buck Creek can be a big shot in New York, California, ... or Buck Creek!

  It doesn't matter if we've already got someone from your field, or if you don't think your job is mathy enough, or if you don't consider yourself to be a big enough deal; we'd be honored to add you to the gallery. The only requirement is that you're an East Tipp grad of 1993 or later. Please feel free to forward this to your treasured schoolchums as well.

  If you've got questions, please let Rice know. Again, thanks for doing this crazy thing!

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We're just looking for two to three sentences about how you use math at your job. If it's the kind of pre-algebra / algebra thing that eighth graders study, that's fine; but it absolutely doesn't have to be. As a matter of fact, I think it's totally cool if the math is beyond the kids' current reach ... otherwise, they may quit school to apply right now! Be as specific as you can, but as vague as you like.
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Hey --

     Again, thanks so much for taking the time to work on this. The kids will appreciate it ... and so will their teacher. I love catching up with how everything has worked out for you all and feel very blessed by those of you who can take the opportunity to share the results with others.

     If you ever feel like you need to update some or all of your submission due to any changes, just let me know and we'll get on it. And if you ever want to come speak to the kids in person about any of this, we can do that too!

     Thanks, you guys.

Still your pal,
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