NJ Land Trust Network Feedback Survey
NJ Conservation Blueprint's mission is to accelerate the preservation of the most important remaining natural and cultural land resources in New Jersey.  To accomplish this mission, we developed a free, online web mapping tool that features priority models identifying specific parcels to target for preservation.To help us understand how you and your organization are working to contribute to this mission and for us to gain insight in how you use (or don't use) Blueprint, please respond to this brief survey. Thank you!
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Is your organization actively working to preserve land in New Jersey? Check all that apply.
If your organization is not actively preserving land in New Jersey, what is its focus?
Are you or your organization familiar with NJ Conservation Blueprint?
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If you are familiar with NJ Conservation Blueprint, how would you describe your organization's relationship with it?
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Are you familiar with the Blueprint Priority Models identifying the best remaining lands to preserve in New Jersey?
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If yes, does your organization currently utilize or reference Blueprint priority models to influence land acquisition or has it in the past?
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Why does, or why doesn't, your organization use the Blueprint Priority models? Please provide a brief explanation.
Does your organization have any of the following? Check all that apply.
How do you make preservation decisions in your project areas? What resources do you use?
Would you be willing to share your specific project areas with us to incorporate into Blueprint’s Stakeholder Focus Areas Map?
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Would you be interested in participating in regional planning workshops using Blueprint models as the framework?
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Which of New Jersey's iconic landscapes would you or your organization be interested in participating in workshops for?  
Blueprint provides boundary layers at the county, municipal and parcel level. What other boundary layers would you find most useful for the work that you do?
Blueprint's Community Green Space model identifies lands to protect in order to connect people to nature and recreation.  It relies on factors such as land in proximity to population and existing land use rather than natural features.  Do you use this model in your work?
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Do you have any comments to share about the Community Green Space model or thoughts on how to improve it? Would you to like to participate in conversations around the improvement of the model?
Do you have any suggestions for ways we could improve and / or accelerate conservation work in NJ?
What are the top barriers to preserving more land in NJ?
What type of work do you do? Check all that apply.
If you regularly use Blueprint, what do you use it for? Please check all that apply.
What data or information do you use every day in your work?
Would you and your organization be interested in participating in a training session for NJ Conservation Blueprint?
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