TEEN FARM - Intellectual Output n. 1 PILOT COURSE -
EVALUATION (for students)
Email address *
What is EIP-Strategy? *
What is so important for a farmer when starting? *
The European model of agriculture is multi-functional because it integrates … *
What is the Four-C Model? *
How many types of Innovation do you know? *
Which sentence is correct? *
Who is the main actor in the Market Analysis? *
Titolo predefinito
In “Buying Decision Process “ which elementi s more important? *
Value Proposition rests on following elements…. *
Web marketing: what is more important for a farm? *
Which is the best performer among social Platforms (more users)? *
Generally, in the agricultural context all over Europe, there are following weakness points.. *
Which is the correct sentence…. *
Added Value in Smart Farming is… *
A farmer has got following financial tools… *
How many risks a farmer must to face? *
The goals of financial planning are…. *
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