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Did you know that you can list yourself as a lawful requested woman and a minority requested woman? *
Did you come from a building works program, a trade school or N.E.W? (list if applicable)
Do you have any prior experience in carpentry or construction?
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Do you know someone in a union? Public or private?
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Do you have family/friends who are carpenters or are in any other trade? (If so, what do they do)?
Do you know how to shape a job? *
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Do you know where to find the daily dispatched job listing? *
Do you know where to find the daily dispatched job listing? *
What or who inspired you to become a carpenter?
If you had to describe yourself, what would you say? e.g. sports nut, techie, social butterfly, dog lover, foodie, health nut, traveler, etc. *
Would you be interested in joining activities with the Women’s Committee? (i.e. Volunteering, or fun stuff like you listed) *
Would you be interested in workshops that the SIB’s facilitate occasionally? (i.e. financial stability, resume writing, workouts) *
I would like the following topics to be discussed in workshops:
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