Hack Your Dream Job
We all have a dream to join a job with a handsome salary for and make our future certain. But, most of us ain't concerned about the key factors of joining a job. Beside CGPA, we must need some knowledge about a job interview. And it's mandatory to hold a professional resume for a fresh graduate. You may think that I haven't attended any job interview how can I have the knowledge about that? Ok, that's right. But, how it will be if you get all secrets before your graduation!!! Yes guys. Youth Alliance brings the chance only to you and for you.
The workshop ““Hack Your Dream Job” is about choosing the right path and achieving the job that will lead to a successful career. The workshop will guide a fresh graduate or to be a graduate to identify and analyze their SWOTs and thus identify what career path they should choose. It will help them to learn about how to build upon their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, utilize their opportunities and face their threads. It will also help to improve skills and techniques, to achieve their dream job. It will be the platform where they will learn to choose the right track, how to prepare themselves, where to go and last but not the least how to reach their goal.

Objective(s): Prepare the students and fresh graduates to choose the right path through which they will start a journey which will lead them to have a career of their dream.

Expected Outcomes: Participants are expected to learn: career entry strategies for MNCs, FMCGs and local companies, practical knowledge about the current job market, how to write an effective resume and cover letter, and interview techniques.

Venue: Seminar Hall, Administration Building, PUST
Date: 28 February 2018
Time: 10:00 am
Duration: 3 hours

Registration Fee: For Student-100 TK
For Professional: 400 TK
(Certificate will be given during the session)

Registration: https://goo.gl/m3oFgW

Registration Deadline: February 25, 2018

Trainer: Niaz Ahmed, CEO, Corporate Ask
(Written 1600++ Resume)

Payment Method(If register through online): After registration by using BKash(01710031680) or DBBL(017100316800) and send (105/410) to this given number.After payment make sure a text message with your Name and Tnx ID to 01710031680.
(N.B: After payment you will get a Tnx ID from BKash/DBBL).
Example: Name: Rofikuzzaman Robin
Tnx ID: *************
Send: 01710031680
Or Pay our registration booth with your Name after online registration.

Training Content:
1. What is Career?
2. How to fix Career Goal?
3. Difference between CV & Resume?
4. How important is a format?
5. Half hundred mistakes of Resume
6. Resume Writing Techniques (Step by Step)
7. Powerful words of Resume
8. 3 Idiots of Resume
9. Killer Phrase of Resume
10. Boring Phrases of Resume
11. STAR factor of Resume writing
12. SMART factor of Resume Writing
13. PURE factor of Resume Writing
14. Cover Letter Writing
15. Bullet tips for Getting more interview Call
16. Resume Sending Techniques
17. Nervousness During Interview
18. 50 common Interview Question & Answering
19. Salary Negotiation
20. Thanks giving mail

Hack Your Dream Job
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