PATCHEN california - 2019
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Introduction to PATCHEN
The more you KNOW, the more you will EARN.
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Job Descriptions
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* Tree Handler
- Greets Arriving Customers
- Helps Santa Direct Traffic
- Explains Pricing and Cutting Procedures
- Saws "Fresh Cut" on Trees
- Bails Trees
- Applies Fresh-Patch
- Installs Tree Stands
- Ties Trees to Car Tops
* 100% outside in weather
* Rain Gear Required & Extra Dry Clothing
* Requires Lifting 50 lb Trees Onto Car Tops
* Significant Tips For Good Tree Handlers

* Shop Assistant / Cashier
- Makes Wreaths & Other Craft Items
- Decorates Wreaths
- Sells Wreaths and Other Items
- Handles Cash Register & Credit Card Terminal
* Almost All Inside; Requires Warm Clothing
* Tips Less Generous
Weekend Shifts (usually 6 to 8 hours)
* Openers start at 9am & cross-trained for all jobs
* Closers stay until 6pm & also cross-trained
* Peakers start at 10-11am, overlaping Openers and Closers
* Shop /Cashier hours are variable
Weekday Shifts (up to 9 hours)
* Open at 9am - does all jobs
* Close at 6pm - does all jobs
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